Company profile

Company profile

Our mission is quite straightforward: we want to help companies boost their performance by generating synergies between the business world and the IT sector. With that goal in mind, we provide a range of management and IT consulting services to private companies, as well as public and parapublic organizations.

Our custom-tailored approach

We are firmly convinced that excellence and collaboration are the keys to organizational success. They are also the twin pillars of our advisory approach. Drawing on our listening skills and our creativity, which lie at the heart of our business philosophy, we help to move our clients into the future while taking their present-day realities into account.

Knowledge is our guiding principle

In our day-to-day operations, we take action with our resources and clients based on a clear line of conduct and three core values: broad-ranging knowledge, expertise and know-how. These key components are designed to foster quality and ensure success.

R3D’s emotional intelligence

If you were to ask our resources and clients for their opinion on R3D, they would say that emotional intelligence is the most distinctive feature of R3D’s profile. This quality is what drives us to ensure each client’s full satisfaction and to deliver impeccable service quality. Internally, our emotional intelligence is reflected in the trust between our team members and in a business culture that gives the highest priority to human needs.

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